SCUTOPUS - Feeding

Scutopus - Feeding

9 songs
56:08 minutes
Epicene Sound Systems


I hate dentists! So don't expect me to fall in love with Scutopus. Their label defines the band as the sounds of drowning radios and crushing tape decks, and that comes close to what you experience listening to this experimental piece of sound... don't even make me call it music. There is no discernible rhythm to be found on the nine tracks, only white noise with mostly high-end frequency that make you turn down the volume of your sound system because you are afraid to damage it irreversibly. On one website, I found a really in-depth review about Feeding, but couldn't relate to the author. I mean, to me it's just noise, unlistenable, and probably even intended this way. Like a soundtrack of evil outer space aliens coming to take over the world, this CD-R limited to 50 copies with hand-made covers plays tricks with your mind, hurts your ears and I am still amazed that I have the stamina to listen to it entirely, just to give it a fair review. Apparently made at the ocean floor, it should just have stayed there, will be the opinion of most people listening to Feeding. Although I probably will never listen to it again, I won't give a rating either, because even though a painful experience, this is no music in the conventional sense, so everyone who enjoys abrasive noise (and not music) will be challenged here.

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