SEASIDE STARS - The Magic Of Stereo

Seaside Stars - The Magic Of Stereo

12 songs
41:42 minutes
***** ****
Firestation Tower


Germany is a country which has a great reputation for excellent noise rock and guitar pop. The Seaside Stars are a duo (!) from Berlin playing these genres of music in an incredibly great way. The opener Good Timing is a perfect mix of melodic guitars and the right groove, a welcome invitation to listen to the rest of the album. The following songs are as melodic in a very alternative way so that the Seaside Stars may be declared the Beach Boys of guitar pop. Of course the Seaside Stars vocals are less high and annoying as it was the case for the Beach Boys. Their singer has a calm but warm voice reminding me of Tom Liwa or Sharon Stoned. Somehow the Seaside Stars can be compared to Teenage Fanclub, an alternative rock band from the early Nineties. Some songs like Don't Mind or Playground are so relaxed and calming that they have a real hit potential. The Magic Of Stereo is one of the most beautiful pop albums I have ever been listening to.

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