SECOND BASE - The Risk To Lose It All

Second Base - The Risk To Lose It All

13 songs
32:22 minutes
***** *
Burned Star / Funtime


Second Base from Belgium have been around for three and a half years before releasing their first CD called The Risk To Lose It All. And it really seems that Second Base are afraid of taking any risks, at least when it comes to their music. Their debut isn't too bad an album, but it severely suffers from lack of originality. Melodic punk may be rather popular, but is that a reason to copy already established acts in such a shameless way?

The three-piece is playing fast melodic songs with several more aggressive parts. The opener Make Believe Is Fine is a classic melodic punk song with cruder vocals. But there are also more aggressive tracks like November Theme, Confrontation Street, the somewhat chaotic Distress Call and especially Good Times Can't Last Forever which ends the album, only to be followed by a short acoustic outro. Knowing that the lyrics are dealing about anger, rage, despair and passion, you can understand why the album has such a brutal undertone. But Second Base work best when they are opting for melodic songs. Especially the grammatically wrong Punk Is Trash No More is a real smasher, but Can't Wait and Before I Reach The End also have nice melodies.

Second Base have so far especially been touring in Belgium. Although they have opened for international acts like Ignite, Useless I.D. and Easyway, they are much inspired by Belgian punk acts like Five Days Off, PN and Sixtoys. All those bands feature guest musicians on the record. But they have already done a better development than Second Base that still have a lot of work to do if they want to reach the same level.

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