See You Next Tuesday - Parasite

14 songs
18:51 minutes
***** **


Remember the times when grindcore was primitive noise and progressive rock was for snobs? It seems that lately there emerge more and more bands that combine the relentless violence of grind with impossible structures, making for intelligent noise that leaves you speechless, either because you’re so fascinated by the musicians’ prowess, or because you shake your head at the waste of such musical genius into one minute ideas. Whatever your reaction, See You Next Tuesday are one of the more extreme modern metalcore bands. Their full-length debut Parasite doesn’t really deserve that attribute, with 14 songs slaughtered in 18 minutes. Apart from a six seconds opener and the three minute epic Pogonatrophy which ends the album, the songs rarely cross the two minute border, making for psychotic noise with odd time signatures, hysterically barked vocals, an incredibly crazy rhythm section and occasional slower parts that allow you to exhale, if only for a few seconds at a time though.

Parasite is an impressive album, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it groundbreaking, because I have encountered already similar bands, and even bands that take the weirdness one step further. I just have to think of An Albatross or The Locust who add more musical variety into their brand of post-grindcore. Still, if you like it fast and complex at the same time, and you are willing to pay the regular full-length album price for this record which is even shorter than many EPs, you are well served with See You Next Tuesday’s debut.

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