SEIZURE CRYPT - You've Been Had!

Seizure Crypt - You've Been Had!

12 songs
25:37 minutes
***** ****
3:16 Productions


Three years ago, I can quite overwhelmed by Seizure Crypt’s third album Under The Gun. In the meantime I didn’t expect to hear from them again, but sometimes you just have to wait long enough for something good to return. You’ve Been Had! shows the four New Yorkers better than ever, shitting on any current trends and doing exactly what they are so great at: violent hardcore punk with a high fun factor that sounds as if it just stepped out of a time machine coming from thirty years in the past. Most tracks are short and fast and, best of all, totally unpredictable. But instead of sinking into some kind of chaos, the quartet always triumphs with great melodies. Early Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I., Black Flag are fitting reference points, but there are also a great amount of moments that recall the Beastie Boys, minus the rap parts. In fact there are two vocalists, and while one of them is doing an impeccable screaming performance, the other one is shrieking like a demented loony. This might deter the younger generations who lack a proper hardcore education, but anyone aged around forty should weep tears of joy at this faithful rendition of a genre that started it all and was much better than all the children it spawned.

Seizure Crypt are loud, ugly and awesome! The truly surprising thing about You’ve Been Had! comes with the fact that the album was mixed by Colin Marston who is better known as a member of progressive bands like Krallice, Behold The Arctopus, Dysrhythmia, Infidel?/Castro! and many more. This proves that Seizure Crypt are not just a gimmick that emulates a sound from a long time ago, but absolutely have acceptance also in other genres. This is due to their unique talent of combining defining songwriting with a freewheeling instrumentation that eventually gives you back your faith in good music. The album can be downloaded for free on Seizure Crypt’s Bandcamp page, but I guess it’s really worth spending money on these talented guys.

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