September - Advance CD

5 songs
18:27 minutes
***** ***


Although I have never heard anything of September, the band has already quite a long history. It was formed in 1985 under the name Exumer and changed its name in 1993 to Humungous Finger. In 1999 it was time for another name change and the final (?) decision September was taken. The band picked up a new singer and a new drummer and went into a more commercial direction. The opener Fine is sounding like a mixture between Placebo (especially the vocals) and Manic Street Preacher, so it's a good alternative pop song. Drifting is a calmer song and somehow it's possible to distinguish some post grunge elements out, as if Pearl Jam were meating Mark Lanegan. Mister You is a very six- and four-string guitar dominating song, the most groovy track on this CD. The fourth song If I Only Could Walk is a slower rock song where September remind me of Soul Season from Luxemburg. The last track At All is again a rocking alternative pop song. I'm really impressed by this advance and can only say 'both thumps up'. September don't seem to be too far away from a record deal.

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