SERENITY - Words Untold & Dreams Unlived

Serenity - Words Untold & Dreams Unlived

10 songs
47:32 minutes


Serenity were formed in Austria in 2001. They had two self produced records in 2003 (Starseed R.V.) and 2005 (Engraved Within) before they finally got a record deal to release their official debut record on an Austrian label.

Cover artwork and band name first made me guess that Serenity were a gothic metal band, but they play a mixture of melodic and progressive metal. If you have to look for a reference, Symphony X is the first band coming to my mind. The opener Canopus 3 starts with an oriental keyboard intro before turning into an up-tempo prog rocker with a well structured chorus. There’s nothing to say against song writing and instrumentation, but I have some problems with the vocals which could sound a bit rougher and nastier. Reduced To Nothingness and Circle Of My 2nd Life are even better tracks as they are much more progressive and complex, but again the vocals are spoiling parts of the song. I could go on like that for each of the eight songs present (plus two short instrumentals that don’t contribute much to this work). Even if a song is as fast and epic as Engraved Within, the record’s best track, the thin vocals and the clean production always lower the quality level of the album.

Serenity have some nice ideas, but they still are far away from established acts like Threshold, Sonata Arctica and of course Dream Theater. I don’t have the right to suggest to kick out their singer, but that move would certainly help.

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