SERMEQ - Messages

Sermeq - Messages

5 songs
34:55 minutes
***** **


A good year after the debut album, Sermeq is back as a band this time, omitting the DJ prefix, instead presenting two new members who add more synthesizers and even some guitar. All of this is distilled into longer songs, probably because the band setting allows for more extended structures.

Messages begins with the ten minute long Zen Garden, a contemplative ambient piece with discreet drum patterns and some spoken female vocals. This vaguely Asian piece is followed by another long track. Valentina (Extended Guitar Mix) is nine minutes long and reminds of early Seventies kraut rock, with wobbling keyboard sounds and a more threatening atmosphere than the opener. This track doesn't even have a drum beat, the rhythm coming from the synthesizer. White Sands was already pre-released as a radio single, is with four minutes the CD's shortest track and really accessible, just like the following slightly longer Black Coast Walk that has a saxophone part that somehow doesn't want to fit the nature of the album. We are consoled with the closing seven minute piece Silent Hunter, another more ominous tune with menacing synth tones and cool techno beats.

Sermeq always works best on his long tracks, mostly because it's there where they are most experimental, daring to create truly dark moments that make you eagerly await the next winter.

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