SERMEQ - Quotations

Sermeq - Quotations

8 songs
41:24 minutes
***** ***


After a brief stint with Schweinepest, Claude Michels started a solo career in the middle of the decade. On his first album, he prefixed the abbreviation DJ to his project’s name. One year later, Sermeq had grown into a three-piece, surprising with ambient yet lightly danceable long tracks on the second album. On Quotations, it seems that he’s, more or less, on his own again, but he consequently follows the band sound from the previous CD. Although there are eight songs featured, you never get the impression to listen to separate entities. The short opener Foreign Spaces works more like an intro and flows seamlessly into the eight minute long Somewhere Beyond The Dying Sun, which also takes up to two minutes before you notice any real change going on. This piece features guitarist Marc Unsen who was an integral part of Sermeq on the last record. He can also be heard on Deserts, another long song, with seven minutes running time. The third track, Precarious, is a radical departure for Sermeq, as this is the first time he features a vocalist. Noémie from death metal band Rude Revelation shows herself from a very feminine side and enchants with a luscious vocal performance. Other tracks feature sampled spoken words, probably taken from movies, unfortunately uncredited. On Ljubljana, Miaow Miaow guitarist Gianni adds some very dreamy textures, although you shouldn’t expect the high energy indie pop of his main band.

Quotations is a step forward for Sermeq who opted for a forty minute long sound journey that feels like a bizarre dreamscape. Borrowing elements from Seventies kraut sequencerism and Eighties new wave coldness, spicing with occasional ethnic influences and dance parts, Quotations is an excellent electro album that counteracts its chilly atmosphere with enough organic patterns to make it an overall appealing. More accessible tracks like the outstanding Precarious would be welcome, but Sermeq is definitely on the right track with his new offering!

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