SEVENTH AVENUE - Between The Worlds

Seventh Avenue - Between The Worlds

12 songs
66:31 minutes
***** **


Although I've never heard of Seventh Avenue from Germany before, Between The Worlds is already the fourth longplayer by that band formed in 1989. They play melodic power metal inspired by German heroes like Helloween or Gamma Ray. Although I'm not really a big fan of those two bands, I think that Seventh Avenue have a somehow more natural approach towards metal. I don't know what may be the reason, but two plus-points for Seventh Avenue are the never annoying vocals and the right feeling for metal melodies. Tale Of The Forgotten Dreams and Angels Eyes are prime examples for structure in a power metal song. Weaker songs are more rare on this record, the two only exceptions being Until You Come Again which suffers from forced sounding vocals and Touch Of Your Love. The album also contains a cover version of Burning Heart, originally performed by Survivor. Massacre Records has decided to release this CD immediately at a mid-price to give this band a better chance. Although Seventh Avenue can't be described as the new metal sensation, they deserve it nevertheless.

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