SEX JAMS - Trouble, Honey

Sex Jams - Trouble, Honey

11 songs
41:17 minutes
***** ****


The year 2013 sees to become a great musical vintage for Austria. In January I was totally amazed by the new Palindrome EP, and Sex Jams are on their way to make February an absolutely worthwhile month. The band name is rather silly, but don’t judge them on behalf of that alone. The info sheet didn’t really tell me how long the band has been around and what they have done in the past, but I assume that Trouble, Honey is their debut.

Despite being released in 2013, the CD sounds as if it has been done fifteen years before. The five musicians from the capital city Vienna play splendidly crisp noise rock the way it was popular in the Nineties. The mix of punk, pop and rock works perfectly, sounding as if Dinosaur Jr. had Debbie Harry as their vocalist. Sex Jams’ Katharina Trenk has a very charismatic voice that allows comparisons to Sonic Youth and Babes In Toyland. The band even has a well known member in guitarist and vocalist Wolfgang Möstl, a founding member of the Austrian cult noise band Killed By 9V Batteries. Sex Jams’ music also often builds a strong contrast between distorted guitars and melodic vocals. The band is especially proud of their single Shark vs. Apple which is objectively one of the highlights of this entertaining album. Sex Jams show perfectly how noise rock should sound, and on this lively track, they are definitely not skimping on energy. As a matter of fact, the band’s shorter tracks are also their better ones. Science Of Shapes, not even three minutes long, is extremely brazen and wild, and therefore an instant pleaser. On their longer material, the band is playing a little less fast, darker and try to make it over the rounds with distortion and massive feedback. This happens only twice though. Towards the end of the album the listener is surprised with the ballad Just Kids that is really well done. The concluding Wild Curse sounds like a tribute to Sonic Youth’s Goo era.

If you count Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. among your favourite bands (and there are many of those in the over-30 peer group), then Sex Jams will definitely please you too. Trouble, Honey is a convincing statement which is showing in no uncertain terms how timeless noise rock can still sound years after its heyday.

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