SHANDON - Not So Happy To Be Sad...

Shandon - Not So Happy To Be Sad...

13 songs
34:08 minutes
***** ****


The World is so big that it's sometimes easy to miss out on a really cool band just because they don't have their albums too well distributed in my small corner of this planet. This is why Not So Happy To Be Sad is already Shandon's fifth album, and I never even heard of this Italian sextet.

Shandon started out in the mid-Nineties as a punk band and evolved later into ska territory. They call their style unselfconsciously punkbillyskacore, but it's nothing else as a perfect symbiosis of melodic punk rock with poppy ska touches. This commercial attitude doesn't do any harm though, because Shandon have a great ear for lasting melodies, and especially their Italian songs have a certainty that makes them totally great, as if they are the Italian latter day Bosstones. Their English songs are also good, but not as fresh sounding as the songs interpreted in their native tongue. Hey, there's even a hint of dub in Adondo.

This is a really good album, especially for people living in warm countries... or something for the Summer. And... Shandon somehow give me the impression that skapunk might be an ideal alternative for Italian bands, considering the wave of true metal from our neighbours in the South.

Again, I insist, this is more popskapunk than skacore, but ska is supposed to make you feel good, and that's something this album is achieving perfectly. Listen to Sesto Senso or Evoluzione, and you know what I mean. Now that's enough talk, visit their homepage, download the song you can find there and convince yourself too. 9 points.

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