Sharp Practise - Radiocity

10 songs
44:07 minutes


Let’s face it: Sharp Practise are on the wrong label. Normally Rising Records release aggressive metal bands, so I felt more than just a little alienated when I was faced with this re-release from 2005. Radiocity is the second album by this British band that claims to play classic rock music. By this they mean that they are not a wild rocking bunch of rebels, but more laid back people inspired by the likes of Counting Crows and Crowded House. Alarm bells anyone?

The ten songs on Radiocity are cleanly produced four minute pieces that seem to be tailored for adult radio airplay. Only Bed Of Rhythm is toying with crunchier rhythms, the female backing vocals giving it something of a Lenny Kravitz atmosphere… although the original is definitely more inspiring. Otherwise you get streamlined pop rock music that you would expect to hear in a shopping mall or in an elevator, but definitely not in your precious stereo.

Sharp Practise’s major flaw is that they are absolutely uninteresting. Their songs are too sleek to be catchy, the vocals fail to awaken emotions, the instrumentation is just basic accompaniment and never even seems to want to set accents. We are finally left with an album that could, at least for me, not be any lamer. Some records just run by without making an impact, but Radiocity even manages to annoy me with its harmlessness. This is music for old people who have been forbidden any excitement by their doctors.

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