SHATTER MESSIAH - God Burns Like Flesh

Shatter Messiah - God Burns Like Flesh

8 songs
44:40 minutes
***** **
Dockyard 1


There used to be a man called Curran Murphy who helped famous metal bands out as their tour guitarist, and then sometime must have decided that he could be the leader of his very own band, and why not? Not everyone has the honour to be a tour member of Nevermore and Annihilator, and especially the former have left a deep impact on Shatter Messiah’s sonic world. Joined among others by drummer Robert Falzano who also used to be in Annihilator and former Archetype vocalist Greg Wagner who sounds a lot like Warrel Dane, Shatter Messiah could fool everyone but the most ardent Nevermore fan to be just that band.

Which brings us to the undeniable fact of them being among the least original bands I have ever come across. Were they active in some kind of fashionable sell-out genre, I would thrash them that they would curse the day they were born. But as they play good old-fashioned power thrash metal, they can be forgiven. Especially since the album begins with two great tracks: Idolater and the two-parted title track. You won’t be finding many mellow moments on Shatter Messiah’s second album, not that I was expecting or wanting any. Most of the time they switch intelligently between fast thrash parts and mid-tempo shred attacks. Occasional dual guitar runs remind us that Shatter Messiah have also been listening to British heavy metal from the early Eighties. Wagner is an excellent frontman with a wide vocal range, and the band’s instrumental versatility is highlighted by a powerful production.

We are left with an album which is perfect from a formalistic point of view, and although I eventually forgive them for being so unoriginal, a couple of more engaging tracks would have made God Burns Like Flesh an exquisite addition to every heavy metal collection, yet as it is, I still can recommend every metal fan to at least risk an ear. You certainly won’t regret it.

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