SHEEDUZ - All Be True

Sheeduz - All Be True

10 songs
37:42 minutes
***** ***
M & O


French band Sheeduz consists of three women all named Audrey. They entered the musical world in 2004 with their EP The Barefoot Fairies, and established their reputation three years later with their first longplayer A Frozen Moment. It took the trio another four years to come up with the follow-up All Be True.

Sheeduz don’t disappoint by fulfilling the expectations. Compared to the predecessor, the new album doesn’t come up with that many surprises, but the mature songwriting convinces thoroughly. Most of the time the band lets the guitar rock out loudly. This shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise, considering that Silverchair and Sebadoh are among their influences. Yet the melancholic component isn’t neglected either. This is most noticeable on the vocals which are deliberately childish-na´ve, as can best be heard on the catchy title track which still has enough edginess to prevent it from sounding commercial. Their quieter side is represented by the slightly jazzy Perfect & Destroyed and Feel Free with a cool retro organ sound. It is rather unusual that I preferred the songs towards the end better than the early ones. Blank Page is somewhat chaotic and reminds of a young PJ Harvey. Even better is the burlesque Applause which ends with a piano outro reminiscent of the Dresden Dolls.

You won’t find any weak spot on All Be True. If you like indie rock, stoner and grunge, you are definitely at the right address with Sheeduz. I hope that the trio will concentrate in the future on their weirder stuff, in order to flesh out their wonderful unpredictability which never fails to enchant their audience.

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