SHINING FURY - Last Sunrise

Shining Fury - Last Sunrise

11 songs
50:08 minutes
Metal Blade


Not that Italy is a small country, but when it comes to heavy metal, you get relationship from one band to another. Shining Fury, for instance, have been founded by Ross Lukather, drummer of bands like Death SS, Labyrinth and Athena. Together with musicians from cover bands (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple), he founded Shining Fury and plays melodic power metal, they way we know, and sometimes admire, from Italian bands.

They are of course still far away from the undisputed kings Rhapsody, but you can't deny they are trying their best. Unfortunately it stays often just trying, as the songs never really seem to kick ass. Whenever they play faster (Sleepin' Coma), they get things going really well, but most of the time the band acts much too conservatively. When looking at the tracklist, you will notice that all the songs have normal playing times, except for Memories, which is eight minutes long and seems to have been written by an entirely different band. Starting with a dramatic spoken intro (taken from a film?), it becomes a moving ballad with saxophone parts, reminding me of latter day Marillion. In my opinion this is the highlight of the album, as Shining Fury show that they have more than just a metal face. The album ends with a cover version of Toto's Rosanna, but again they act too fearsomely and it seems as if they just distorted the guitars a bit. Too much respect is boring.

As it is, Last Sunrise is a double-edged sword. It's technically perfect, but emotionally most of the time sterile. Italian power metal collectors might want to check this out, but it's too middle of the road to arouse much admiration anywhere.

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