Shock Nagasaki - Year Of The Spy

12 songs
28:38 minutes
***** ****


The first chords of the opener 1968 make you wonder if this is a lost Sex Pistols album, but the vocals steer Shock Nagasaki's debut album clearly into a New York direction. At 74 seconds, it's the CD's shortest track, but the remaining eleven also don't add any unnecessary fat. Only a short half hour long, Year Of The Spy is not exactly a longplayer, but you get everything you need for a successful punk revivalist album. Owing from East Coast proto-punk (New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks), spiced with the rock'n'rolling punk chords from 1977 and football stadium choruses, Shock Nagasaki are one of the least original bands of all times, but they do it so matter-of-factly and totally without shame that you can't help liking them. OK, so they are also terrific songwriters, coming up with a dozen punk'n'roll bombs that are the best since the Demolition 23 album more than years ago, and even display true talent for intelligent lyrics that you wouldn't maybe expect from an old school New York punk band.

Apart from the semi-acoustic Destination Nowhere, Year Of The Spy is full of fantastic revivalist punk rock songs that are performed by a band that may now only have released its debut album, but who are already so full of attitude that some more senior bands should start fearing for their place on the punk throne.

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