SICK OF SOCIETY - Porn'n'Roll Forever

Sick Of Society - Porn'n'Roll Forever

14 songs
24:14 minutes
***** *

Do you like: Farting in public? Spitting on the sidewalk? Watching sleazy movies? If you answered yes to all three of the above questions, then you might be one of the few males who may like Sick Of Society. SOS have been around for about a decade now, and they are one of the most antisocial bands you can imagine. The album title says it all already, and even when they try to be socially aware, it ends in primitive songs like Daddyfucker.

But that doesn't mean that SOS are that bad. Also the fact that their last CD only sold 23 times doesn't mean they are bad, although it already strongly hints into that direction. But seriously, lately I have started on a quest to be an antisocial misanthropic asshole, and SOS are lucky to have caught me on that hating spree to write the review for their already third CD.

Let's start with the bad points: the vocals sound very proll-like, but they certainly could need some more aggression, and with this kind of music, it would be cool to have real drums (I nearly wrote 'drunks') instead of a badly programmed drum computer.

But now on to good points. The main reason I like this album is the really good songwriting. Be it Cruisin', Verna or the title song, there's always something you won't find on albums of established heavy metal bands that may sell 100.000 more albums, but don't even remember how to write a catchy tune. And whenever SOS forget to write their own stuff, they do coverversion, as on this album a really funny rendition of Bryan Adams' I Don't Wanna Live Forever and an equally cool version of No FX's Louise. The latter comes with really, really dirty lyrics.

Visit SOS' homepage for further information, but those people around who live to be antisocial can't find any way past this monument of decline of Western civilization. People who eat with fork and knife better don't even consider buying this album.

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