SICK OF SOCIETY - Weekend Anarchy

Sick Of Society - Weekend Anarchy

17 songs
34:28 minutes
***** **


Some bands aim at success and when things don’t work out soon enough, they give up. Sick Of Society are different in that regard, as the Bavarian trio started out already twenty years ago as Wicked Power, soon changed their name and released their first CD in 1996. Weekend Anarchy is already their seventh longplayer, and it is not only obvious that things won’t change much for them, but also that they don’t seem to expect it. Their new record contains sixteen songs (plus an intro), with not a single track longer than three minutes, showing that they guys are more into short concise punk metal (or as they call their chosen style: porn’n’roll) than into highbrow songwriting.

The production is simple yet working. Sick Of Society play fast metal songs that despite sometimes rather basic workmanship often surprise with catchy melodies. Best examples are the opener Weekend Anarchist and the concluding Endstation Bahnhofsklo, their only track with German lyrics. At times they experiment with outside genres, as It’s All In Vain that has some ska parts, but overall they feel most at ease at delivering fast punk rockish metal songs with a relentless take-no-prisoners attitude. The vocals are at times rather weak-chested, which only adds to the charming amateurish nature of their music.

While other bands pack similar endeavours in glossy cover artwork and try to sell it for a lot of money, Sick Of Society sell Weekend Anarchy for a mere five euros. Not all bands are destined for greatness, and once a band has perceived that they will never make it to the rock olymp, they might as well continue their career with as much as humanly possible. Weekend Anarchy will definitely not change the course of music history, but it’s still a charming pastime that fans of upbeat punk rock and metal might rejoice in between spending their energies on more earnest and time consuming music.

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