SIMIAN KINGS - There Is Only Now

Simian Kings - There Is Only Now

5 songs
22:12 minutes


Being an avid follower of the local music landscape, I was more than surprised to discover this debut EP from a band I had never heard of before. Although Simian Kings are rather a project by multi-instrumentalist Luc Petry (Felicia’s Journey) and vocalist Tanja Kirps (formerly of Average). Trying to get rid of the pressure of having to play live shows, the duo decided to combine Tanja’s sensibilities for Eighties and Nineties pop music with Luc’s predilection for Seventies progressive rock. The fact that the drums have been programmed should make you wary, but surprisingly enough, everything works fine on the opener Don’t Tell Me which manages to come across as a dark mooded alternative rock song with pleasantly distorted guitar and hypnotic vocals. So far, so good! To continue immediately with a cover version (Depeche Mode’s Never Let Me Down) is another sign that lets you expect the worst. Having never been a fan of the British wave pop band, I can’t really get into this rendition either. The EP continues with Versus, a harmless pop song, but The Sea takes us even lower with insipid balladry with neither heart nor soul. The concluding This Life fares slightly better fails to save the final grade.

There Is Only Now is a well meant effort by a new project that definitely has potential, as they show on the excellent opener. Their past experiences in local pop bands seem to hinder them though from getting the sound you would want to hear from them. Their music is too streamlined and polished, making it unsuitable for pop fans who prefer international bands that are better produced but also uninteresting for followers of the local movements who will be deterred by the too tame approach. If Simian Kings decide to continue in the vein of their opener, there is still hope, but this time they couldn’t convince me yet.

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