Sinamore - A New Day

10 songs
47:49 minutes
***** *


AC/DC knew already a few decades ago that it's a long way to the top. The same may be said about Sinamore, a Finnish gothic band founded in 1998. They had to release five self produced demo CDs before they finally received a real deal to release their debut A New Day which was released in 2005. This CD is a new version of the original one, but released on a bigger label, with the songs having been re-recorded and a couple of bonus tracks.

Sinamore have succeeded in producing a typical Finnish sounding record. On many songs, they are as melodic as Sentenced and are even using the same kind of heavy guitars riffs. The keyboard arrangements have been heard before on several HIM records, but Sinamore are certainly heavier. Another Finnish comparison is Katatonia, especially when you consider the doom elements.

The album is a combination of various elements: beautiful melodies, dark and sombre atmospheres and rocking metal. This recipe sometimes works, but alas also sometimes fails. Follow Into The Cry is too slow to be a suitable opener. Misery Carnival is terribly boring and the dramatic The Art Of Regret just doesn't work as it was supposed to be. But luckily there is the Sentenced orientated rock brigade that creates wonderful melodic tracks like Crimson Leaf and Sleeping Away, and even heavier tracks like A New Day and Fallen. The weakest link is singer Tommi Muhli who often tries to put too much pathos into his vocals. They are often monotonous and sounding too gothic, but he shows on the harder tracks that he can do better. Drama For Two even contains some death metal vocals, but they are provided by guest singer Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn).

A New Dawn definitely is no perfect album, but it shows that the case for Sinamore isn't hopeless. They should decide to head into a rock direction in future and dismiss their taste for gothic. Then the chances are big that the next album will be much more exciting.

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