SINGSONG-GIRL - Singsong-Girl

Singsong-Girl - Singsong-Girl

6 songs
17:26 minutes
***** **


Singsong-Girl is the new band by Luxembourgish Tamara Kapp and German Sandra Thurm who played music together a couple of years ago in a band called Lunatic. Together with their laptop Robert, they are playing lo-fi electronica with strong roots in the Eighties. Their first release is a six track EP giving a global overview of their current program.

The opener Coeur de verre is very synthetic and suitable for fans of Depeche Mode or the Belgian Grand Prix legend Telex. Mon ami is a first highlight on the CD as it is so calm and hypnotic that it won't quit your mind so easily. Hold Mi! is another interesting song because of the strange combination of a waltz rhythm with electronic noise effects. I Can't is another track that can be described as a perfect pop tune. Especially Tamara's childlike voice adds a lot of charm. Far Away is a pure pop song, but with more power than the track before. The album comes ends with Aujourd'hui, which is too slow and repetitive for my taste.

The album contains three French and three English songs. If you had already had the opportunity to see Singsong-Girl live, you would have heard some of their German songs which are inspired by the Neue Deutsche Welle movement. I miss some of those on the record. Especially thanks to the fabulous video projections, Singsong-Girl is live much more exciting than on CD. But this EP is already a promising start and after Hal Flavin (formerly moussevingt), Singsong-Girl is the second pop act from Luxemburg which you can take seriously.

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