SINS OF OMISSION - Flesh On Your Bones

Sins Of Omission - Flesh On Your Bones

11 songs
44:59 minutes
***** **
Black Sun

Sometimes you get confronted to a CD that you can listen to over and over again, but you still can't get an impression of what's going on. Take Sins Of Omission: typical cover artwork with skeletons of human beings, a band logo that's screaming heavy metal in your face, black-dressed long-haired musicians, and some guy from Carnal Forge producing the album.

Maybe I sound a bit sarcastic, but here we are already at the main problem of this album: it is a very solid effort. Fast played thrash metal, with a lot of guitar harmonies, and a singer fresh out of the death metal school. Sweden was always a fertile playground for melodic death metal bands, some more thrashy (The Haunted), some more blacky (Dissection), and somewhere right inbetween, you'll get Sins Of Omission.

I have been listening non-stop to Flesh On Your Bones now for the last two days, and although I start liking the album quite a lot, there is not a single song yet that's sticking to my ears... except for the excellent rendition of Slayer's Angel Of Death, which shows the band's thrash metal roots. So all in all, a very good (although not great) second album from a Swedish death metal band, and my only concern is: will melodic death metal fans be able to locate this album in a flood of similarly good releases?

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