SIX FEET UNDER - Commandment

Six Feet Under - Commandment

10 songs
34:30 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Three years ago, Six Feet Under released a remake of AC/DC’s Back In Black album, and somehow they are something like the AC/DC of the death metal movement. When you have heard one SFU album, you have heard them all, but you can still enjoy them… it’s the same principle as with the Australian rockers music.

Commandment is already the band’s seventh studio release of own material, and it would be wrong to call them nowadays the band of the former Cannibal Corpse vocalist, as Chris Barnes has spent now already twice as much time with SFU than he did with CC.

Commandment offers nothing new: ten songs that never cross the four minute border and feel at home in brutal mid-tempo regions. The guitar riffs are primitive and powerful, reminding of Hellhammer and very early Celtic Frost. Barnes’ voice is the most evil death metal has to offer these days, and although the song titles hint at your typical gore fare (I have no lyrics sheet at hand right now and am too lazy too look them up on the Internet), I can well imagine that there are deeper meaning to the songs, as it would be weird to imagine a forty year old vocalist still getting high on horror stories.

Unlike many newer death metal bands, SFU don’t need to reinvent a genre. They were right there when it was crafted in the first place. And that gives them the right to keep dwelling in those waters, making Commandment anything but an original death metal record, but still better than the majority of their competitors’ releases.

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