SIXLIP - Know Who You Are

Sixlip - Know Who You Are

9 songs
15:50 minutes
***** *


New Zealand based band Sixlip sound less catholic than their hometown Christchurch. Founded in 2003, this in-your-face hardcore band released a first EP two years later. It took them until now to come up with their first longplayer Know Who You Are.

The nine featured tracks total only a good quarter hour, which shows that the band limits itself to the essentials and always comes straight to the point. With influences ranging from Terror to Comeback Kid, it’s obvious that Sixlip never try too hard to avoid certain clichés. Most songs start at a hectic, fast pace, slow down in the middle without ever losing anything of their brutality. Heavy riffs are succeeding one another, and more than once one feels reminded of classic NYHC, especially the grunted vocals and the gang shouts during the choruses. This band definitely wants to leave a street-wise impression. The New Zealanders are certainly not bad at what they do, but their macho attitude is therefore not more appropriate today as it was two decades ago. I like the idea of reducing the pauses between songs to a minimum, which lets the record come across as an entity.

I have never been the biggest fan of second generation classic hardcore, and therefore my enthusiasm is kept within bounds also on Know Who You Are. Although some parts occasionally know to please, I keep myself asking who Sixlip want to reach nowadays with this kind of music.

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