SIX PAX feat. THORUNN - Bandits (Single)

Six Pax feat. Thorunn - Bandits (Single)

3 songs
11:47 minutes
***** ****


Six Pax started about two years ago as Luxembourg’s only punk cover band. For this special three track single, Six Pax recruited Thorunn, sexy TV host and pop singer that every RTL watching person should know. This was an unexpected move as Thorunn’s audience is generally younger and more mainstream oriented. Six Pax have deep reaching punk roots (Toxkäpp, d’Rotzbouwen, Boltrope, Rise Up,…), but presently also play at biker meetings and beer fests. It needs to be seen if the fans of both factions will like the music on this single.

Bandit-Girl, a recent hit for Thorunn, is getting a faster revamping, but Thorunn’s vocals could be louder as she is drowned by Gilbert’s. This problem doesn’t apply for the other two songs. Time Of My Life is a take on this really dreadful Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes sappy AOR song from this criminally bad movie An Officer And A Gentleman, but Six Pax with Thorunn show how this track should have sounded. The same improvement can be witnessed on She’s Like The Wind from this poor excuse of a movie Dirty Dancing. Back then Patrick Swayze was whining as if all his life energy had been lost, but Six Pax invigorate the song with the necessary pep.

The idea of combining Six Pax and Thorunn for a CD was extraordinary. Let’s hope that in future, our local cover punks will entertain us with similarly crazy projects, like, how about a punk rocking Zwou Bulle Mokka or Moss am Bic, please?

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