SIXTOYS - Copy, Paste & Repeat

Sixtoys - Copy, Paste & Repeat

7 songs
18:13 minutes
***** ***


Copy, Paste & Repeat is the debut mini CD by Sixtoys, a rather interesting melodic pop punk band from Belgium. The album contains six real songs and one unnecessary tuba interludium. What I appreciate much about the real songs is the co-singing of male and female vocals which alternate a lot. Furthermore Sixtoys have the right feeling when it comes to writing catchy melodies, which is an important aspect when playing this kind of music. Looking for comparisons, the first band which comes to mind are Bambix or even Luxembourg's Petrograd (maybe because of the male and female vocals). It's a pity that the CD doesn't contain more than six songs, but this way Sixtoys are at least able to play during the full duration of their record on a constant high level. My two favourite songs are The End and Same Direction. Definitely the best Belgian pop punk release since Janez Detd.

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