SIXTOYS - Forbidden War

Sixtoys - Forbidden War

11 songs
34:55 minutes
***** *


About two and a half years ago, I was positively surprised by Sixtoys' debut mini CD Copy, Paste & Repeat. The album contained six catchy pop punk tunes on a constantly high level. I wondered if the Belgians were able to keep it like that on the coming full-length release.

Due to a line-up change (singer and guitar player Hannelore left and was replaced by Jonas), you can't compare the two albums too much. The music is still fast and melodic with occasional emo bursts, but brutal mosh parts on several songs are new for the band. The opener Preach Water, Drink Wine attacked with an aggressive attitude I didn't expect from Sixtoys. Similar songs like Taste Of Light, Whispers and the most brutal The Great Escape draw parallels to bands like Strike Anywhere, Rise Against and A Static Lullaby. There's also a more emo side to Sixtoys which I definitely prefer. Especially David vs. Goliath and Nevermore have a high song writing standard close to Silverstein.

My problem with this Sixtoys record is that all originality has gone. It doesn't matter if they try the brutal or the emotional way, they are always sounding like other bands which have already flooded a saturated music market. Even if the song writing is mostly alright (The Risk To Fall is the only song which is sounding somehow unfinished), I don't see much sense in preferring Forbidden War to an album by an already established band. It's a pity that Sixtoys couldn't follow the promising way they had started on their debut.

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