SIXTOYS - Sins And Sounds

Sixtoys - Sins And Sounds

11 songs
34:50 minutes
***** ***


Sixtoys from Belgium started about five years ago with their EP Copy, Paste & Repeat, which was a prime example of melodic punk rock. Their female vocalist left the band shortly thereafter, which made the band turn into a harder direction on the following Forbidden War, a record that lacked the qualities of the debut. Their second longplayer Sins And Sounds has become a compromise between their preceding releases.

Brutal mosh parts still surface, but not as frequently as before. More emphasis has been put on melodies, which can be heard on the wonderful choruses with expertly arranged choirs. Especially A Tale Of Friends And Other Odd Fortune and Razor Teeth become instant favourites. Most songs are very dynamic and engaging. It might only be a coincidence, but the vocals remind me of Anthrax circa State Of Euphoria, where they fully into their humorous phase. Some tracks (Words Prophets Say, Prayer For The Damned) have kept a harder edge and would also have fitted on the predecessor. If you prefer the band’s tamer side, you should check out the nice Guns Out! Guns Out! or wait until then end when the CD closes with the catchy and relaxed A Toast, To Stagnation, one of their best songs yet.

After the disappointing Forbidden War, Sixtoys have gained some ground again. They are not as perfectly poppy as on their debut EP, but that is history anyway. The compact running time should encourage people to spend some time with suspenseful mix of punk, emo and a little hardcore. Sixtoys have never been as varied as today.

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