THE SKETCH - Best Kid In Town

The Sketch - Best Kid In Town

6 songs
20:38 minutes
***** **


The Sketch from Kent in England are newcomers that try their first steps with their six track EP Best Kid In Town. Already the first notes on the opener Rotting Away remind me of Weezer. The Sketch play an enjoyable blend of punk, emo and power pop, putting heavy emphasis on multilayered vocals that come across very harmonically, as can be witnessed on their single Superman Take III, of which you can also watch a video clip on the CD. The guitars are slightly distorted and sometimes a little noisy, but never going as far as too destroy the inherent harmonies. Other highlights are the ultra-catchy A Thousand Times Before with definite hit potential and football hymn character, and the final title track that reminds a little of Rainer Maria.

The Sketch don’t do anything new on Best Kid In Town, but they certainly know how to perform proven sounds in an engaging way. Best Kid In Town is a competent calling card to start a career, but The Sketch need to show if they will be able to keep their audience’s attention over a longer time in the future.

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