Skyline Symmetry - Fear

3 songs
14:17 minutes
***** *


Fear is the third demo CD by Skyline Symmetry, a German prog rock band. On the first two CDs, there was a female singer, making Fear their debut with male vocals.

The demo starts with the title track, a dynamic prog rock song with a melodic approach and clean vocals. Mental Oblivion is a song I don't like too much. The chorus is catchy and well structured, but the contrast to the much slower parts of the song is too big. Daidalos, the album's hardest song, is my personal favourite. It contains some unusual and unexpected breaks.

Skyline Symmetry don't write too long or too complex material. For my taste, it could be heavier and more exciting, but there is potential: the singer has a varied spectrum and the instruments are played very skilfully, only the song writing still needs improvement.

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