SLAVIOR - Slavior

Slavior - Slavior

10 songs
52:06 minutes
***** *


Mark Zonder is not the only member of Fates Warning to release music with a different band, but what he does with his new band Slavior is then more different to his original band than what his other band mates have done so far. As a drummer, Zonder felt the need to write songs that originate with drum beats, and therefore he assembled a cast of seasoned artists around himself. Wayne Findlay from MSG plays guitar, bass and keyboards. Former Tribe Of Gipsies member Gregg Analla does the vocals. From the first song on it’s clear that Slavior are a classic power hard rock power-trio that only rarely glances at progressive structures. The production is clean and heavy, the guitars groove and show parallels to modern FM radio rock and sometimes nearly achieve the aggression of the more commercial metalcore. As I don’t listen too many contemporary artists, I have to find my parallels in the past: King’s X and a less weird Last Crack.

Most songs are ok modern hard rock, never failing but also rarely truly exciting. Dove makes an exception with its reggae verse and radio friendly rock chorus. Aimed to be a success, but clearly a fallout on the record. The ten songs are never really short nor very long, they are just rock pieces that have been composed by a band that is ready to play live. That much is clear. But there are so many new, young and hot bands in a similar position, so why should we choose Slavior? I don’t know if I can answer that question, but unfortunately Slavior may well be a rather nice and still above average release, but I can’t help feeling that this sounds more like elder men wanting to have a good time off from their regular bands than really hungry musicians. A bit like the music version of The Wild Hogs movie maybe… Nice, but not essential.

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