SLIDE ON VENUS - Put Music To Your Troubles

Slide On Venus - Put Music To Your Troubles

5 songs
16:59 minutes
***** **


Slide On Venus are a French indie rock band apparently specialised in releasing EPs. Put Music To Your Troubles is already their third EP in a row. A longplayer hasn’t been released yet.

After listening their newest output, I understand why. The French write nicely crisp songs with solid groove and the necessary drive, but I noticed that they tend to repeat their ideas. Actually they even remind me of two Luxembourgish bands, sounding like a mixture of Miaow Miaow and early Metro. Sometimes Slide On Venus are acting rather melancholically, but they are also not afraid of playing with melodic punk influences, as long as the final result sounds contemporarily catchy.

As it seems that the band is conscious of that fact and therefore is limiting their output to the size of an EP, I will not be overly harsh with them and can wholeheartedly recommend Put Music To Your Troubles to every fan of alternative rock music. Taken by themselves, every song works fine, but the band should try to flesh out their identity.

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