SLIMBOY - Anthems

Slimboy - Anthems

11 songs
44:58 minutes
Modern Noise / Cargo


Slimboy are maybe the only pop punk band I know from Switzerland. In 2004 they released their debut No Fires On Beach which even was recorded in Los Angeles to give the album the necessary California flair. Their second album Anthems was recorded at home together with Clemens Matznick who worked already with Donots And Guano Apes.

I'm not familiar with Slimboy's debut, but I suppose that their choice of the producer possibly explains why the album is too clean. I will not discuss the fact that pop punk needs beautiful melodies and catchy choruses, but where are the noisy guitars on this record? Especially the drums are so sterile that the music has not much in common with punk anymore. 1995 isn't too bad and shows that Slimboy sometimes have a sense for song writing, but Green Day made a better job already years ago. The cover version of Blur's Girls And Boys is a nice party gag and probably a live smasher, but it's definitely not enough to save the rest of the album.

Most songs suffer from severe lack of speed and energy. The opener, which is also the title track, doesn't convince at all, making it already a bad start for Slimboy. Crash promises with its title to be a smasher, but the song writing is too mellow. Especially Photographs and Hard To Find are so soft that I could imagine Slimboy playing those tracks playback at the ZDF Hitparade or at a Bravo disco broadcasted on RTL2. Furthermore, the album is too long when you consider how few ideas there are in these eleven tracks.

Slimboy are probably good enough to entertain a bunch of fresh teenagers who are attending one of their first concerts. But everybody who's familiar with punk rock for at least two years must have been in contact with many more exciting bands which they will prefer to Slimboy.

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