SLOUGH FEG - The Animal Spirits

Slough Feg - The Animal Spirits

11 songs
38:38 minutes
***** ****
Cruz Del Sur


Nowadays there are only few bands left who play heavy metal in such a classic and authentic way like the Slough Feg who have been around for already twenty years. Their eighth album The Animal Spirits once again offers prime quality even though the smudgy cover artwork might deter those unfamiliar with the band.

Nothing has changed stylistically, only their line-up shows up with a new drummer. The major difference to the predecessor Ape Uprising are the shorter songs, allowing the band to get straight, without any diversion, to the point with their fast and ultra-dynamic heavy metal with its distinctive harmonic guitar lines and the unique vocals. Mastermind Mike Scalzi not only has one of the most remarkable voices, but his guitar playing reminds pleasantly of Thin Lizzy. It is actually quite surprising that an American band can sound so British. Next to the Slough Feg’s occasional NWOBHM influence, you can also make out sometimes slight Celtic folk parts, working well especially on Kon Tiki. The accessible Ask The Casket and the hymn Heavyworlder are two further highlights. The album concludes with the smashing Tactical Air-War which I wouldn’t have expected from the band.

Once again all songs are absolutely great, with some maybe standing out a little more than others, allowing The Animal Spirits to get by without any weak spots. It is nice to see that Slough Feg, despite their long career, still sound as fresh and unused as in their early days.

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