SNAPCASE - Bright Flashes

Snapcase - Bright Flashes

12 songs
38:41 minutes
***** *


Like so many other people, I was quite surprised to see a new Snapcase album appear only one years after the tremendous End Transmission. Of course the cheap cover artwork hinted already at the bleeding obvious: Bright Flashes is not a regular album, but an easy way to release an album without having to write new songs. Among the twelve songs, there are five that didn't make it on the last album, four cover versions and three remixes. Let's have a look at the three different aspects. The songs that didn't make it wouldn't have lowered the high quality of the last album. The songs are totally tight and madly rocking hardcore carried by the most intense vocals you will find in this genre at the moment. Shortly speaking, these songs are must-haves for every self-respecting Snapcase fan. The cover versions are a different story. Blacktop (Helmet) sounds ok, but then I have to admit I am absolutely unfamiliar with that legendary band of the Nineties. Mountain Song (Jane's Addiction) is... mmmh let me be diplomatic, not that good at all, as I like Daryl Taberski's vocals a lot when he's doing it Snapcase-style, but he is no match for Perry Farrell. Then there are curiously two Devo songs: Freedom Of Choice, a true classic in its original form, and Gates Of Steel, another song I am not familiar with. Covering Devo is always fun, and even though Snapcase never reach the original versions, their sound works well with the clinical proto-sci-fi sounds of Devo. Finally there are three remixes at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the album. Normally I have no problems with remixes, but somehow these songs (that were originally featured on the last album) lack a heavy beat which would have given the music much more punch.

All in all, Bright Flashes could be considered an above average hardcore album if it had been released by any other band, but we have come to expect more from Snapcase. It's an interesting way of bridging time until the next regular album, and if this collection had been released as a mid-price album, I would have given it more than only 6 points.

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