SODOM - One Night In Bangkok

Sodom - One Night In Bangkok

24 songs
98:48 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


You don't have to be a metal fan to appreciate what Sodom did for the genre. Not only was In The Sign Of Evil one of the first really brutal thrash metal releases, but their late-Eighties CD Agent Orange opened many doors for the commercial success of thrash bands worldwide, and even became platinum eventually.

So here we have another Sodom live album, the third one already after Mortal Way Of Live and Marooned. The question is: do we really need so many Sodom live releases? The record label justifies this release by saying it has been recorded at a really exotic location (Thailand) where the fans are more enthusiastic about the music. That's an argument I can live with, knowing how weary one can become of concerts when you get about 100 of them every year. And then this is really a good live album, with new songs, very old songs like Outbreak Of Evil and Sodomy And Lust, the classics from the Agent Orange album (Agent Orange, Remember The Fallen), their German hits (Die Stumme Ursel, Der Wachturm) and also a coverversion of Motörhead's Ace Of Spades. As Ausgebombt has been played too, I just sorely miss Bombenhagel.

Anyway, I guess this is as good a place to start with a Sodom live album as any other live release. I preferred the recent live release from Kreator, also released on Steamhammer / SPV, but I guess that Sodom can reach more people with their rawer and more direct sound. 100 minutes of headbanging delight.

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