SODOM - Sodom

Sodom - Sodom

11 songs
43:08 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


When you have to name legends of German thrash metal, you must not ever forget Kreator, Tankard, Destruction,... and, of course, Sodom. Since their start in 1984 with their mini-album Outbreak Of Evil, Sodom have now released their 21st work if you also consider EPs, live albums and a DVD. The new album is called Sodom, which of course shows a lack of imagination, but it tells you that it offers you everything you can expect from Tom Angelripper and his musicians: pure energy, heaviness, anger and directness.

The album starts in an enormously fierce way. The first two tracks Blood On Your Lips and Wanted Dead are among Sodom's fastest tracks. They are followed by Buried In The Justice Ground, a more experimental song for Sodom as they are using a Motörhead groove combined with Venomesque vocals. But this is the only unusual track on the record which otherwise contains a lot of trips back into Sodom's past. Axis Of Evil could have been featured on Persecution Mania, and Lay Down Your Law on Agent Orange. The album is full of rigorous and raw songs, giving every metalhead growing up with Sodom a pleasure full of nostalgic moments.

Even more than twenty years after the band's foundation, Sodom have been able to maintain their characteristic simple sound and haven't lost any credibility. As in the past, the lyrics deal with political malfunctions and social injustice.

The album was mixed by Andy Brings, a former guitar player in the band and mastered by Eroc, the drummer of the German krautrock cult band Grobschnitt.

Sodom is still a metal band that does what it wants and doesn't care about current trends. The three-piece is now together for more than ten years, making it the most consistent line-up in the band history. Sodom can be satisfied with their self-titled work and shouldn't be afraid to continue their unique way.

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