SOFAPLANET - Power To The Poeble

Sofaplanet - Power To The Poeble

10 songs
38:25 minutes
***** ***


In 2001, Sofaplanet had a top five hit called Liebficken and released a less successful CD, Sternzahl Unendlich. As it became quiet about this German pop band, I thought that they had been nothing else but another nine days wonder. But three years later, the second album Power to the Poeble has been published and Sofaplanet present themselves harder than ever before. They certainly still are an alternative pop band, but the general impression after listening to the single edit Das Ultimative and Nichts und Niemand is that the band has become much rawer and even like to scream. But their sound is much more diverse than that. Rücksichtslos die Welt zusamment. is a well arranged rock song and Mehr für dich shows Sofaplanet from a more melancholic angle which brings them close to Muse. To make things even more diverse, Raus und weg has a strong brit pop touch. The album was produced by Steve Cooper who did already some mixing for Supergrass and Muse. Those first five songs are followed by further great indie rock songs. Although the ballad Ich wäre gerne so is not too impressive, Power to the Poeble is a more mature album than their debut. But it doesn't contain such a nice and sweet single as Liebficken which will probably stay the band's all-time highlight.

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