SOFIA HÄRDIG - The Need To Destroy

Sofia Härdig - The Need To Destroy

10 songs
45:57 minutes
***** *


Sofia Härdig is an extremely busy person in the music business. She's a member of three bands, has released three albums in the last two years. On her new solo album The Need To Destroy, she has done nearly everything by herself: songwriting, arrangements, programming and of course the performance.

And the performance really is quite special. The opener Seafever features distorted minimal pop arrangements making it sound as if the speakers of my stereo were defect. Electronic minimalism and improvisation seem to attract Sofia Härdig and it's quite hard to understand the motivations behind the music. A few tracks have pop melodies like her first single Little Delight and the P.J. Harvey-like Wait, but these are exceptions. Her repertoire contains also industrial elements. High-BPM danceable beats meat with her special vocals varying from desperate screams to painful moans and bizarre noises as if she put the microphone inside her mouth. Sometimes the entire result seems more like a performance show respectively a sound collage than a traditionally arranged song.

The Need To Destroy is quite unique and even if there may be some parallels to the Japanese avant-garde scene (Boredoms) and the experimental Sonic Youth, I can't find a comparison that fits entirely. And that's good because it underlines that Sofia Härdig does her own thing, even if it's not a cheerful and delightful experience.

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