SOMEHOW HOLLOW - Busted Wings & Rusted Halos

Somehow Hollow - Busted Wings & Rusted Halos

11 songs
35:20 minutes
***** ***


Don't panic! This is not a new CD by Mariah Carey, although the lady on the front cover may be her younger sister. Somehow Hollow have nothing in common from the musical point of view with one of America's most sensitive and pill addicted singer. Even if you are not too familiar with Somehow Hollow, you may recognise the voice of frontman Brad Casarin who used to sing for Grade, surely the best melodic emo core band from Canada. Parallels between both band are obvious, as all Somehow Hollow members used to play in Grade, at least while replacing for an interim time members that had left. The sound of Somehow Hollow is nearly always melodic, but they tend more into an emotional corner and have nothing to do with punk. Walking Clothed Foot is an excellent example to show the band's right feeling for sweet melodies. Sometimes they prefer harder sounds as is the case for Busted Stereos And Myself, the last track on the CD. Now after the demise of Grade, it is possible that Somehow Hollow will become the leading band of melodic emo core.

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