Somniae Status - Echoes

12 songs
49:17 minutes
***** *


Complicatedly named Italian progressive metal band Somniae Status sound, compared to their debut Cassandra, which was a more traditional prog rock album, much heavier on their new one, Echoes, even they are still a bit too clean for my taste.

The band’s main influences are Fates Warning (from Parallels to A Pleasant Shade Of Gray) and Queensr˙che (Empire, Promised Land). Rarely Somniae Status play heavier songs as on the Nevermore-like Selling Souls (my personal favourite) and Dark City with its impressive double bass parts. Confurious 12 is another more dynamic track, even though it’s instrumental. That’s already the good side of Somniae Status. Even if the other tracks are still far from catastrophic, they are not exciting enough to catch my attention for a long time. Some songs, like Evil Thought and Catch It, contain some interesting, playful passages, but they are never developed enough. Most tracks suffer from too clean and mellow song writing and slightly disappointing instrumentation what. I don’t know if the band has some commercial intentions in mind, as especially the campfire-like ballad Useless could be used as a radio single.

There are moments on the album that underline that Somniae Status really know how to play real progressive metal, and I’m sure that there is enough potential in this young band to make an effort next time. Echoes is unfortunately only an average prog metal album that doesn’t need to be included in every prog collector’s music library.

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