SONS OF SEASONS - Gods Of Vermin

Sons Of Seasons - Gods Of Vermin

12 songs
65:01 minutes


Sons Of Seasons are a newcomer band from Germany that has been founded in 2007. Gods Of Vermin is the debut of this dark symphonic metal band that has been signed to Napalm Records. Unfortunately Sons Of Seasons did nearly everything wrong on their first CD.

First of all, the running time of more than an hour is totally exaggerated under the circumstances. The band is not yet tight enough and falters more than once. The main reproach is that they are playing around without a thread and are seemingly unable to follow a concrete line. Variety in itself is a laudable quality, but Sons Of Seasons are experimenting without a real plan. Next to a few regular rockers, there is also a lot of mid-tempo and ballad material, but somehow nothing wants to stick. The songs suffer from their too generous lengths and lack a concept. The vocals try to cover many territories, but neither the growls not the female guest vocals and the normal voice that shamelessly copies Jon Oliva can convince. Even the pseudo-dramatic parts lack suspense, and once again, the band is unable to catch my attention. Strings and pianos also sound too much like cheap synth emulations.

Sons Of Seasons must live with the blame of having released a soulless product which is neither fish nor flesh. The gothic scene is full of strong bands, so that I don’t see a future for Sons Of Seasons if they don’t dramatically improve in the future. Let’s only hope that the grim looking lady on the cover doesn’t read the review, because I doubt that she will treat critical journalist with mercy.

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