SOON - End Isolation

Soon - End Isolation

10 songs
41:02 minutes
Oscillation / Twilight


I was looking forward to the new Soon album as I still have fond memories of this great Belgian emo band, as well on CD as live on stage. But the first notes from the opener All I Wanted disappointed me very much and I couldn't understand how a band could make such a regression in a lapse of three years. A further study of the CD booklet revealed that there are two bands sharing the name Soon, and this album is by a German band which has nothing in common with the Belgian Soon.

Soon from Germany have nothing to do with emo, but they desperately try to sound modern. The only positive aspect I discovered is the fat production, everything else nearly isn't worth mentioning. Soon are stealing shamelessly from trendy bands and hope to get a commercial success this way. The opener is quite close to Limp Bizkit and leaves a pseudo-brutal impression. It's followed by Another Try, an atmospheric and darker track where Soon show their inspiration by Anathema or Paradise Lost. Buried contains more electronic passages and sounds like a weaker Waltari track. Our Isolation can't decide between rock, pop and melancholia and is as annoying as Placebo. But worst of all are the four mellow tracks (Timid Child, Wounds, My Choice, Desperate) which have the same sleeping pill effect on me as Depeche Mode.

End Isolation is an extremely boring and unnecessary album which I can't recommend to anyone. If you like modern and trendy music, then choose the pioneering band and not this miserable clone.

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