SOON - Please Accelerate

Soon - Please Accelerate

8 songs
34:19 minutes
***** ****


Welcome to the new emo revolution! In times when the genre name emo has been used for the more aggressive and violent kinds of hardcore, it's always nice to hear a band that still makes emo sound the way it was supposed to be in the first place. Not that I don't like the brutal kind of emo, but this is just more like it when you want to lay back and enjoy great emotional moments in music.

Instead of just playing good music, Soon also write memorable songs. Proof is that I saw this band a couple of months ago playing with Quetzal, and although I had already somehow forgotten their performance of that night (except that they were really good), I immediately recognised the second song on their CD - The Inland Revenue - and was transported back to that night.

Soon play a very melodic kind of emo core, where every song has a recognisable melody, as you would normally only expect in a pop song, but they never make the mistake of sounding to polished like many of their American contemporaries (Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day,...) do these days.

Soon are always best when they play slower songs, where the vocalist can showcase his unique voice. If you like Quetzal for instance, then you will certainly appreciate Soon's debut album Please Accelerate. Soon may not have yet the broad musical scope that you find in Quetzal's sound, but their songs are all very affecting, in a way that you are sad when the CD ends already after 8 songs and 34 minutes. A very enjoyable album!

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