SOS - Adult Situations

SOS - Adult Situations

12 songs
42:17 minutes
***** ****
3:16 Productions


It’s been already two years since the New York based hard rockers SOS released their last album A Guide To Better Living which was full of sweat drenched, blue collar rock songs but failed to keep your attention throughout its bloated one hour running time. The new and fifth CD Adult Situations not only remedies that situation, but sees a band which not only has been around for nearly fifteen year, but who also surpasses itself with an unexpected dynamic offering.

The twelve songs on the new record run for only a short three quarters of an hour, distilling all the band’s energy into what matters most: compact, driving, steaming songs that smell of dirt and grease. SOS play rock music at its most basic, the way it was perfected during the Seventies. The recording sounds straight forward, always pushing ahead of itself. The songs, most of which run between two and four minutes, are most often quite fast paced, but leave especially in the longer tracks room for groovier moments and some slowed down but all the more grating parts. With a vocalist who unleashes his vocals with painfully felt anguish, a guitar section full of crunching riffs and a pounding pass player, the band now only needs to switch their session drummers with a steady member to complete their setup.

I don’t happen every day to stumble across hard rock bands that manage so authentically to convey a gritty street flair. Not unlike Motörhead, Wildhearts and Queens Of The Stone Age, New York three piece SOS deliver primitive but very effective rock songs whose timelessness defies all current trends and thus revels in a sincerity most rock bands can only aspire to.

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