S.O.S. - I Owe You Nothing

S.O.S. - I Owe You Nothing

7 songs
11:51 minutes
***** ***
Good Fight

They couldn’t have chosen a more unoriginal name, with dozens of bands worldwide sharing the same one. But the S.O.S. in question stand out by being a true bred old school hardcore band whose member list reads like a who-is-who of the hardcore world.

Scott Vogel (Terror) is in charge of the vocals, Chris Beattie (Hatebreed) plays the bass guitar, Nick Jett (Terror) mistreats the drum kit, and the two guitarists are Matt Henderson (Madball, ex-Agnostic Front) and Sam Trapkin (Trapped Under Ice). As all of the involved are busy elsewhere, S.O.S. should be considered a side project with no more ambitions than the sheer joy of playing together. Tours seem out of the question, and there is also no homepage to be found anywhere on the Internet.

A short intro is followed by the first regular track Keep Me Outside which comes straight to the point. After a few high speed, hectic moments, we get groovier riffs that nearly take the song into mid-tempo territories. Don’t expect anything mellow though, as the aggressive vocals give the music an authentic hardcore touch, the way it was fashionable thirty years ago. Especially the one minute short title track has an extremely rough nature and is definitely not aimed at sensitive souls. A certain metallic crossover feeling can be made out here and there too. Those who like S.O.D. and Nuclear Assault should be at the right address. The production furthermore enhances the powerful sound.

I Owe You Nothing has been released on CD and on vinyl seven inch. The music is as original as the band name, but in this case definitely not meant as a criticism. The EP has turned out to be exactly what you would expect from this line-up, and there is no complaining about quality issues. I won’t expect an hour long concept album from S.O.S. anytime in the future, but if these guys are able to maintain this high level for a somewhat longer release, I am more than willing to give them an even higher rating.

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