SOUND OF SILENCE - La Casa De Los Lamentos

Sound Of Silence - La Casa De Los Lamentos

10 songs
40:40 minutes
***** ***


There’s nearly no information on the label homepage, and the Sound Of Silence Myspace site is written in Spanish. But I could at least decipher some information and know now that the band was formed in 1999 and that the five-piece hasn’t experienced any line-up change since 2004 when they started recording their music. In 2005, the band from Gijon released a split-CD with Legacy Of Cain before they found the time for a first full-length CD in 2007.

Unlike the album title, there are no laments to say against this fine debut. Sound Of Silence surely aren’t a too original band, but their combination of black metal, melodic death metal and metal core is working fine thanks to its contemporary touch.

After a short instrumental intro, you get immediately overwhelmes by an uptempo melodic death metal track with hysterical vocals. The next track is just as fast, but contains nearly Iron Maiden-like harmonic guitar lines. Metal core freaks will adore the fourth track which contains some Pantera-like growls. Song number five first seems totally crude, but by paying closely attention, you’ll notice how complexly the song is structured. The next song has a melodic start, but turns tougher and even brings some grind passages. One of my favourite songs is the ninth one as it’s so chaotic but structured that this apparent contradiction makes it a kind of progressive death metal track. All lyrics are in Spanish, but as you don’t understand a single word coming out of the vocalist’s hoarse throat, this doesn’t give the music any exotic touch.

Sound Of Silence have shown how a modern death metal album has to sound these days. Fans of The Black Dahlia Murder, At The Gates, As Hope Dies, etc. should take the time to listen to this debut which has a surprisingly cool production if you consider that neither band nor label have so far a big international reputation.

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