SOUNDSHOK - The Bringers Of Bloodshed

Soundshok - The Bringers Of Bloodshed

9 songs
34:30 minutes
***** *


Ever since I was a teenager, British bands always had problems finding acceptance in continental Europe. Soundshok are a typical example, as they are praised all over in their home country, but their admittedly simple structured thrash metal eventually lacks enough finesse to raise more than just a few eyebrows over here. Founded in 2001, this young band from Scotland has already self-released quite a few EPs and even a live album. The Bringers Of Bloodshed is now their first longplayer on a label.

From the beginning it’s clear that they are heavily influenced by the rougher side of British metal. Bands like Bolt Thrower and Benediction have left their traces, although sometimes Soundshok also flirt with the more modern varieties of metal. It’s mostly whenever they play fast and primitive that they convince me with their na´ve charm. Tracks like Salvation Of The Wolves and Choke Back The Blood are short and straight in your face. Even the less than transparent production doesn’t really affect the quality of these standout tracks. Unfortunately, Soundshok all too often get stranded in mid-tempo territory, where they feel lost, helpless, and rather uninteresting.

The Bringers Of Bloodshed definitely has its moments, but for a band that has been around since the early days of the millennium, you should expect something more mature. If they concentrate their energies on their fast old school influences, they certainly can make a big step forward next time. Fans of retro extreme metal can still risk an ear, although there the current nostalgia wave has more engaging bands to choose from.

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