SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES - Throw It To The Universe

Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Throw It To The Universe

13 songs
46:34 minutes
***** ****
Haldern Pop


It is a shame that Throw It To The Universe will be the last regular album by Swedish indie rockers The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. The band was founded in 1995, arising from the ashes of the legendary Union Carbide Productions, a fact that can still be heard today. Both bands stood for timeless rock music that was open for old influences as well as for new ones. TSOOL released six studio albums, two compilations and a whole lot of EPs and singles.

The title track opens the new album and shows the band just the way I appreciate them the most: rocking, noisy and not too clean. Still their songs always manage to sound incredibly catchy, with the same ingenuity that formerly the Beatles achieved. Where’s The Rock and the little hymn Faster Than The Speed Of Light are two further examples that underline the band’s talent. Occasionally they opt for a more psychedelic variety that instantly remind of the very early Pink Floyd. Reality Show and Busy Land are two such tracks that constitute wondrous journeys into the late Sixties that conjure images of hookahs and lava lamps. This also counts for the concluding Shine On, where the title’s parallel to Shine On You Crazy Diamond is certainly not just coincidence. Some tracks, maybe not their best, are a little quieter, especially the somewhat unspectacular You Are The Beginning which reminds me a little of The Grateful Dead, and the heavy handed What’s Your Story that shows some parallels to Joe Cocker. These are only two minor blemishes on an otherwise nearly perfect album.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Throw It To The Universe topped the Swedish charts, just like its predecessors. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives have created such a strong record that should have no problem reaching audiences outside their native land. Few bands have manages to play such splendid rock music. The band wants to play live until the end of the year before they will break up. We can only hope that, just as in the past with Union Carbide Productions, some new great band will arise from what used to be The Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

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